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Monday, June 9, 2014


What an incredible four days we have just had! This weekend marked the last of our family's 3 graduations and this one was a biggie!

Our oldest grand daughter graduated with high honors from her high school's IB program. As if that wasn't enough, she served as the mistress of ceremony as well as delivering the commencement address. I know you weren't there and I know you will think I am a bit prejudiced ( well, maybe just a bit), but her speech was truly one of the best I have ever heard! It was encouraging while still being interesting and funny. She spoke on the many definitions of success and in a crowd of 1000s, everyone was listening! I have heard her speak before but this time was even more amazing as she took command behind that microphone. It was her day...her moment...and she owned it!

The weekend actually started for us on Thursday when our oldest daughter and her family arrived at my house to find us along with our youngest and her children anxiously awaiting their arrival. We had a lovely visit and then a delicious dinner at a restaurant new since their last visit.

Friday found us shopping, getting pedicures and delivering the kids to Gainesville so the girls could all be together to help get Hannah ready for her big day. The rest of us took that opportunity for another dinner out and more visiting and catching up. Saturday saw a large group of family and friends all sitting together to cheer on Hannah. It was a perfect day from start to finish. As they say, "it takes a village...." and the entire village was there!

Here Hannah is leading in her graduating class!

Graduation was held at the O'Connell Center at the University of Florida.

Here Hannah is giving her commencement address with the help of a sign language interpreter.

Hannah receives her diploma from her principal.

It is official!

Becky and Todd hosted a graduation party at B.J.s. Silly girls in the background trying to photo bomb.

Hannah just received her gift from her aunt and uncle. These quilts are much cherished gifts in our family. My sister-in-law makes them using themed fabrics that she finds that match each recipient just perfectly. They become a soft, cuddly scrapbook of one's life.

Our oldest and our youngest - with 5 more in between. We sure are lucky grand parents!

So that pretty much finishes up the school year activities for our gang. As the A/C repairman bustled around my house for the last 4 hours, I began to pull out the red, white and blue. On to the 4th of July decor. Stay tuned!

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