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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer

I have been MIA lately just because we are embracing summer and the lazy days it lets us enjoy.

We have had the little kids several times for impromptu visits and have been fitting in lots of celebrating as my husband had his most recent birthday. Seems he learned from "the master" just how to "milk" the day. We have eaten out at each of his favorite restaurants every night this must start on Monday - LOL.

Hudson and Presley came over on Thursday evening for a sleepover. My daughter was heading off to Wesley Chapel early the next morning to work on a whole house redesign she is doing for a client and their older brother was spending the week in Lakeland with his best friend.

Friday morning we woke up and had a big breakfast while watching all of the birds and squirrels in the yard and then we started our day by surprising my hubby with our rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday". Then we were off to the garage for the fun to begin.

So this is really my little crafter. Any time he is over for awhile, he will ask what my craft plans are. He really loves all aspects of crafting. This time he was all about the drilling! One day soon I am sure he will want to be in charge of the chop saw, but for now, he is very cautious of it and the potential dangers.

We have truly just about done every 4th of July craft there is so desperate times called for desperate measures! We took a 2X2 and cut it into varying lengths. Then, we sanded and painted them. We each took a different color as we were making 2 sets. I was surprised when Presley didn't want red but she chose white.

After letting the paint dry while we played out on the playground, we came back to sand off a some of the color to distress them a bit. Then, I just pulled out all of the 4th of July scrapbooking embellishments I had - and trust me, they had MUCH to choose from - and they went to town. My initial thoughts had been to rip some 4th of July themed paper and start by decoupaging but they had other ideas so we went their way. It is certainly not the most "polished" craft we have ever done, but they had fun and are thrilled with the results so that is all that matters. Mine have already taken a place of honor on top of the shelves over the fireplace in the dining room.

Here is Hudson proud as punch with his blue contribution.

And here is Presley trying to light her fire crackers.

I love this picture because I realized that it is the first I have gotten with Hud's first missing tooth.

When we weren't crafting or swinging, we were making Papa birthday cards, or watching a movie or, best of all, getting in lots of pool time - thank goodness today's summer storm came through much later in the evening.

We also found time for lots of eating out this week as hubby celebrated his birthday. Good thing he only has one birthday a year! Rarely do we start a meal like this:

...and end it like this:

So that is what has been keeping me busy as well as finishing up the flag pillow covers and doing a few more sewing repairs while the sewing machine was out and ready! We are having everyone here next weekend for our June birthdays, Father's Day and 4th of July celebration, so my next chore will be to get going on a list of to-dos so I will be ready - that is, unless we get some other impromptu visitors. Then the chores will be pushed to the side for more grand children fun! Still a few more rooms to share also. Stay tuned.

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