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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

On we go to the dining room. This is the area where I most feel my loss of "merchandising" space but I am quickly getting used to it and actually found a bit of an answer to that age old question, "where shall I put this?". And I don't want any smart aleck answers from hubby or my three daughters - like "straight into the trash!". Wonder why they think I have too much STUFF??!

The "fireplace" is once again serving as a "sort of" bar - we're actually not the kind of people who need a stocked bar but since this room kind of has a vineyard theme, I like to keep the wine glasses out and handy - never know when the need may arise?! The shelves on this piece are really narrow so photos can't stand very well - which is probably a good thing or I would be cramming this area full once again - and, that is what I am trying to learn to avoid.

This slatted wooden "basket" is serving as my catch-all for lots of little things that no longer have a place to call home. I love the way all of the vintage looking things appear when nestled together in this way...lots of "little" things but put together to make one big impact.

I still love decorations that can be used for every holiday. Here is my simple, square, black frame back once again with a #4 cut from red glitter paper and mounted on a scrap of 4th of July scrapbook paper...and, behind that 4 are many other designs for many other holidays. All I have to do is swap them out as called for.

So that is the dining room for this year. I had to get the pictures taken today because tomorrow my trusty sewing machine comes out and that dining room table is my favorite place to sew. No telling how long it will be there but I will let you in on my plan pretty soon. Stay tuned.

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