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Monday, June 30, 2014

Creating a Monster!

After everyone left, things were really quiet. I thought I might start a really big project but knew that I really wanted to just end up outdoors reading a book, drinking a glass of wine and floating in the pool. But, I wanted to actually accomplish something before I began the lounging so I took out the new can of mirror finish paint and two of the vintage blue Mason jars and started "playing".

I had looked up tutorials for making faux mercury glass and chose the easiest one I found. I also found a video of someone using the paint and it looked relatively easy, so I just started.

I started by spraying 2 - 3 small sprays inside the jar and then turning it until the paint was dry. I waited a minute or two and did that again. The mirroring effect is fun to watch happen. One second the jar looks a mess and then all of a sudden, you begin to see the mirrored look take hold. I decided I would use my first attempt to go on to the faux mercury look as the inside of the jar looked drippy to me ( even though the outside looked fine I thought I might get more of a feel for the process with a bit more practice ). There were all sorts of mixtures recommended for this process, but straight up vinegar seemed the easiest. I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed very lightly.

When I didn't really "see" anything happening, I sprayed more and the painted surface literally slid down the sides of the jar. I kept this up until I reached a look I was happy with and then simply sprayed in a bit more paint and turned it upside down to drain.

After I finished that one, my next was a total mirrored finish. I really like them both. They both have their own unique appearance. I am going to use the solid finished one for decoration or as a vase ( you must put a small glass inside to hold the water so that the water doesn't sit on the paint finish ) and the mercury glass jar as a votive holder. It is hard to photograph, but it is really pretty sparkling at night. Now that I am "hooked", I will probably try mirroring all sorts of things - and so another monster is created!

And just in case you are wondering, this was such an easy craft that I got to finish my weekend just as I planned.

I know I have a few more 4th of July things to show you, so stay tuned.

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