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Friday, July 1, 2016

Good News...and Bad News

The good news is that I am pretty much caught up on all of the mundane things that got forgotten while we were under renovation. The bad news is, I now remember why I like to always have a project going. I am having a hard time unwinding and just doing what I want.

We are having a low key 4th of July. All of our family are off on other endeavors. We are O.K. with that and even planned a little bar-b-que and possible day in the pool-IF our Florida weather isn't what it typically is this time of year.

And, we are keeping a bit busy dog sitting the newest addition to our family. Daughter #3 and her family are headed to Arkansas for their traditional visit with in-laws and we get to keep Hazel the Golden Doodle. She is so sweet but so good that there really isn't much to this job!

And, I did have a bon voyage party for the gang last night. I was so happy to get to set a 4th of July table and use all of my themed stuff that I completely forgot to take even one picture. Trust me, we were red, white and blue decked out! My three grand children brought along their neighbor (who we lovingly refer to as their sister because they are all always together) and she loved looking at all of the decorations. It made me chuckle a bit when I overheard my grandson tell her "This is nothing. You should see Halloween and Christmas!". I made some of the kids favorites (spaghetti, corn on the cob, salad and LOTS of fresh artisan bread!) and the requested dessert was a root beer float-way simpler than what I had originally planned so I baked up some of "my famous" Famous Amos cookies. These are a 4th of July staple around here. I happened upon this recipe in a magazine years ago and they are so good-chocolate peanut butter cookie FULL of chocolate chips and 10 oz. of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups cut up in big pieces. I am not a huge chocolate fan but even I can't resist these-at 314 calories a cookie! Yikes!!

I also did a few VERY small tweaks in the bathroom-but hey, anything to keep me busy is good. (Why can't I just get started on some closet cleaning? Now THERE'S a project for me)

We replaced those old apothecary bottles (best saved for a Halloween vignette) with the magnifier mirror I bought. I thought I would need this for make-up now that my mirrored medicine chest is no more but the light above the sink holds 300 W of bulbs so even I can see in here. I had the mirror stuck under the cabinet for a "rainy" day and my decorator daughter said "let's use it!". And voila, one little change and it makes me happy-doesn't really take much these days! lol

When I was out looking for something to put in this metal basket to soften it a bit, I had something in my mind but all I could find were brash, plastic looking things. I was about to give up and wait for my next trip to Julies (where you can always find beautiful fauxs) when I happened upon a view from the past-eucalyptus. I used to use this stuff a lot. I remembered that it is good in bathrooms because when it gets hit with humidity, it gives off a nice, soothing fragrance. So I decided to give it a try. It is really not as soft as I wanted-and a bit larger but these branches are like steel. I pretty much left them as is in the hopes that they will soon droop on their own. We shall see. But, still better than the empty basket!

And so, with no new large project on the immediate horizon, I am off to plan my summer decor that will go up on Tuesday. I usually use sunflowers through the rest of the summer and that always gets me excited because it also reads a bit "autumn". And, yes, wait for it....I am actually going to go over my Halloween files on Pinterest and see if I can settle on what crafts and gifts may in line for this year. I really do enjoy getting these things done early so I can live every moment of the celebration as it gets closer. If sunflowers are out, can pumpkins be far behind? Stay tuned.

P.S. I may have happened upon my next project. When I first took the cookie picture, the plate was on our white tiled kitchen counter. The dark grout lines reminded me of how no matter how much I scrub and bleach, I can no longer get these lines white. Thinking it might be time for a re-grouting job!!

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