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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Double Yikes!!

Not only is the end of summer fast approaching (yay!!!), but so is the start of another school year. Here in our county, the kids will go back to school on August 10 and have meet-the-teacher on August 8. What that means is I need to get in gear for our traditional back-to-school party. Since my daughter is just catching up on so many things after being in Europe for 2 1/2 weeks, I am not trying to pin down a definite date just yet so I am preparing for all of the possibilities. We may have the kids here for a day of activities and then dinner with Mom & Dad at the end, we may only have part of the day and then Mom & Dad for lunch or we may have to wait until school starts and hear all about their new teachers and classes at dinner one evening.

So many possibilities to plan for-but I find fun in that. I have been to Pinterest many times and think I have found some delicious food-some of it that the kids will make if that is the plan and some that I will do and just serve everyone...we shall see. This is the time that I like to try new recipes. This gang eats about anything. Even the kids are pretty adventurous eaters so it is fun to try something new...doesn't always work out but that is how I expand my "favorites"...or not!

So if I'm making a full blown dinner, here is what I am thinking...

...chicken, roasted potatoes, garbanzo bean salad (so those of us who don't eat chicken will still have some protein), ALWAYS steamed broccoli-and LOTS of it-for this gang and maybe even some fresh corn on the cob.

This loaf cake just screams "summer" to me so I think we will try that as well. Or, I may revert back to the traditional "apple" theme...we shall see.

This is what our last three tables have looked like. I guess I am pretty attached to the red, black and yellow color scheme. Seems as if the new things I have purchased for this year fit right in. We will be doing some of the same but adding a few new ideas as well.

I thought I would add a few of these to the table...

...and I already have these printed and ready to go.

If the kids are here and doing some cooking, we might try one of these...

I think I will use this download on a bag as a holder for their "goodies". I think I will start at the $ Tree tomorrow as I have pretty much found everything I like this year at the Target $ Spot. So far I have mechanical pencils, "pencil shaped" erasers, notebooks and Smarties. Can't wait to see what else I can find.

I haven't found a craft idea I love just yet but the day is young. Stay tuned.

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