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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Oh Yes I Did!

I actually spent a lovely few hours with my Pinterest Halloween boards yesterday and either I have been slacking on pinning or I've been doing way too much crafting because I really didn't find any ideas that I JUST KNEW I had to do this year. Of course, none of the Halloween catalogs have started arriving yet and that is where I actually find a lot of inspiration to "knock-off", so there is still time. I found these few things and maybe I can start here.

I saw this image or one like it in several places last year. This one is from lakegirlpaints.blogspot. She does give painting instructions but she doesn't have a lettering and pumpkin image download per se. That being said, I think I could probably free hand the design. Her painting techniques and tips are really good. This might be a keeper!

This sign looks super easy and one I might not mind making 6 of as gifts. Of course, I will need to make one for myself as well as I am always drawn to signs with numbers and words.

These might be cute little gifts in a hurry.

I have pretty much stopped doing downloaded pictures and subway art these days but the ones that look like chalkboards still intrigue me. Perhaps if I could find or make frames looking something like this?

I think I like that. At least I now have a few ideas and supplies for which I can be on the look out.

And, as I was just starting my Halloween search, my phone rang and my sister-in-law asked me if we had plans for the 4th. Now we do! They're going to come down and we will spend the day by the pool-or the umbrella depending on Mother Nature. In no time flat we had put together the makings of an official celebration. Let the fireworks commence! Stay tuned.

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