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Sunday, July 10, 2016

It REALLY Is the Little Things

Heading out in a little bit to tackle a few outdoor projects that have been on the to-do list for awhile but before I go, I just had to share one more time about how much I just love our new bathroom. Now this room is not one bit bigger than it has always been-nowhere near as grand as the bathrooms of today. But, we did take it down to the studs so everything is new.

I am really not a studier. My two "decorator" daughters will look endlessly for "just the right" thing. I on the other hand, am easily overwhelmed and in much too much of a hurry to get things going. Remember, I am one of those "yesterday" people! I hate to put things off. And, I will admit to being tired in my "old age". The thought of looking at 10, 5 or sometimes even 2 different places tires me out. Pick one place and find something there that will work.

And so, our bathroom is very much a Lowes kind of room. The vanity was custom made, the ceiling light was found at Joss & Main and the granite came from a local granite yard but most everything else came from Lowes. It is close to us so that made extra trips to buy more of this or return too much of that very convenient. We had a good decorator to help with the choices and then she brought us an excellent contractor to get it all done. This guy was meticulous in every aspect. He did all kinds of fine detailing that I never would have even thought about.

Every time I enter this room, I smile. It is almost impossible to remember what it looked like for so many years!

Even the towel in this picture looks dirty and tired-lol.

I needed my "new" eyes to see just how dark and drab it was. Now mind you, I still like dark colors and rich tones...I just like the new feel of the room so much better!

So this looks like the "big" things but the things I take extra joy in are the little things. I LOVE the self closing drawers and doors...who woulda' thought? I don't know why they give me so much pleasure, but they do. I LOVE the bench in the much so that I actually find myself choosing the shower over the tub. Who'da thunk it?! I LOVE having the magnifying mirror so functional but so decorative as well. I had it in the cupboard when decorator daughter said "It's pretty. Why not leave it out?". I LOVE having a sanitary place for our toothbrushes and toothpaste so they are not sitting out on the counter. I LOVE having enough storage room that I can actually be organized-now I can just pull out a basket and have all of our bandages, meds, mani/pedi stuff/, extra make-up, etc., etc. all in one grab. I LOVE the way the porcelain tiles feel on my feet. I LOVE how easy it is to clean around the faucets now that I have the separated kind! I LOVE how light and bright this room feels but how I can dim the brightness down any time I want. And, I know if I think about it, I can probably come up with lots of other little things I LOVE about this room.

Guess I an wondering WHY it took us so long to finally get here! Oh well. I think I have decided that renovation is a lot like child birth. You start out so excited and making all kinds of wonderful plans. Then the slow process begins and keeps on going until you really don't think you will ever see the end of it. Then all heck breaks loose and things are happening so fast and can be so painful that you swear you will NEVER do this again. But then, it is over and you are holding (or living in) your beautiful end product and you can't wait to do it again....hmmmm. Wonder where we will go from here. For today, I will just have to settle for projects in the yard. I am off.

Oh yeah. I am a happy camper with this on my dining room down! Stay tuned.

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