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Sunday, July 17, 2016

I Can't Decide

I am really bad at making decisions. I put down the new rug I bought for the family room. I think I like it...I'm not, I don't think I do....O.K., yes, I like the addition of the gray-which actually reads as more of a taupy-gray in real life. WHATEVER!

I know my "decorator" would say it is too small-that the rug should go under the couch and out to the sides. But the main reason I don't like that is then it will be in the way of the casters on the ottomans-and the monster ottoman in front of my chair is too hard to move as it is. I do like the way the rug brings in the colors on the barn doors and the way it plays off of the tile on the floor.

I think I like it???? Stay tuned.

P.S. All 144 grass plugs got down yesterday-now I'm hoping for LOTS of rain!

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