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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gonna Give It a Try!

It is really too hot to do much outdoors so I am looking for something to do inside today. And by looking for something to do, I mean something fun! Oh sure, there is plenty to do but I have to really be in the mood to tackle a big, boring project-like cleaning out a closet, washing woodwork, etc., etc., etc!

And so, I think I am going to try one of the Halloween signs that I have "pinned". Come along for the ride. But, let me issue a spoiler alert if you are one of the people on my Halloween gift list-of course, you could probably see this today and forget all about it by the time the holiday actually gets here-lol.

I LOVE that my choice of decor always leans to the vintage/shabby chic feel. To me, that equals "not perfect". I love chipped, rusty things that look like they have been around forever and still stand the test of time. And lucky for me I feel this way because between my failing vision and my waning strength, there IS NO perfection to be had even if I wanted it!

The other good thing about this project is that it is going to cost me absolutely nothing. I am using the left over pieces of the fairly expensive furniture grade ply wood from the barn doors, paint that I already have and a free download from "somewhere". Actually, I found the sign at an Etsy store from ASign4Life. So, if you didn't want to have all of the fun of making one, you could go there and buy one of your own.

Started by cutting and sanding the wood. These are probably not quite as large as I would have made them, but I was limited by the size of the wood scraps I had.

Boy would I LOVE to have a space large enough for a "real" workshop...oh the places I'd go! Anything is possible-and always so much easier-with the right tools. I have limped by for years with my trusty chop saw and power sander, jig saw and circular saw. I can usually get where I want but the road may be a bit bumpy and crooked along the way.

Then a layer of black...

...followed by some orange...

...and then a nice layer of linen white chalk paint.

I just copy an image of what I want and then continue to blow it up on my printer until it is the size I need. After taping the sections together, I rub the back of the design with #2 pencil lead and trace using an old ball point pen. This gives me a pretty good outline to use for painting.

Then, it is simply a matter of coloring in the lines.

Now comes the hardest part-for me. Waiting for it to be dry enough to do some distressing. The sign that I am copying didn't have the orange but I thought it might be nice if orange showed through a few of the sanded areas. I love my orange and black...and green...and purple! Can't wait until my house is once again exploding with these colors. Until then, I will have to be happy with this. Now, only five more to go!

I have a few more Halloween crafts that I want to do and July is the perfect time for me to do that. No other holidays to think about and most of the family is busy with their own vacations so I am foot loose and fancy free. And soon, I will once again be planning some back-to-school fun for the three youngest. Have I told you I LOVE a good project. Stay tuned.

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