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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Be Careful What You Wish For

As I strolled through Lowes and Hobby Lobby once again today as hubby was at the gym, I realized that this is beginning to be an expensive way to wile away a morning. I am always looking for projects. I actually had two other ideas already loaded in my cart at Lowes but decided to "cool my jets" and just go with another idea that has been percolating for awhile.

I think I posted months ago about hubby and I deciding to use some Weed & Feed on our lawn. Well, it works. But, it isn't necessarily a good idea when most of the green stuff in your yard turns out to be weeds! We made a bit of a mess and were going to re-sod when some of our grass started filling in again. And then, life took over and we were busy and didn't even really think about it until the other day when I looked out back and decided something needed to be done.

And so today I bought 4 trays of St. Augustine sprigs and, for whatever reason, the loader said "if you are buying 4 I will give you 4 for free". Ummm, O.K. Don't know if it was a special promotion. I didn't see any signs, but I grabbed those puppies up-and now we have a project for the weekend.

And, as usually happens, the call of orange and black gets to me every time! Passed these frames on the way to some place else in the store and got stopped in my tracks. Since I couldn't find the unfinished wood frames that I wanted to make these "chalkboards", I decided this might be the next best thing. Not sure if I like the two different colors but I will sit on it for awhile. If not, I will go with the two black frames.

Don't have a clue where these will go but, where there is a will, there is a way.

We had such a nice visit with daughter #2 and her family. Always fun to have my brother and sister-in-law join in the fun as well. We had a yummy dinner and then in the morning got to watch all of the excitement of Morgan's "senior photo shoot". It truly seems like I was just watching her be born and here she is in her last year of school! We have shared so many milestones together and we have been privileged to have been such an integral part of her life but it still doesn't seem like enough. Just another reminder to squeeze every bit of time together with loved ones that you can!

Off to hubby's hair appointment and grocery shopping and then home for lots and lots of over due chores. Tomorrow we are heading to do something we haven't done in awhile- some heavy duty linen shopping. Seems like everyone is having "January White Sales" here in the middle of summer-and we are in need of some new "whites". I have lots of coupons and can't wait to see what kind of scores I can rack up. Considering that I don't usually do food coupons, it is amazing how much joy I can garner from these department store coupons-but, after all, the more you spend, the more you save. Yippee! Stay tuned.

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