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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When You Least Expect It

Yesterday, hubby and I were out running errands and about to grab some lunch when my phone rang and it was daughter #2 inviting us up for dinner today and then to spend the night so we could go with them the next morning to watch Morgan's "senior pictures photo shoot"! Yikes!! Grand daughter #3 is a senior this year. She will be graduating from high school in the spring as her sister is graduating from U.F. Where does the time go? Wasn't expecting that invite and couldn't wait to accept.

Then, this morning, I dropped hubby off for his semi-weekly cardio workout and I headed off to just kind of "bide my time". I wasn't looking for anything but thought maybe I could see what was coming out for autumn and Halloween. And there, when I least expected it, I found this great tin tray-which you really can't see because it is full of plants that I didn't expect to find and waiting to be planted. And then, the super cute pot that I have actually had my eye on for some time but wouldn't spend the $25 on the price tag for it-66% off-sold! And when I least expected it!

Don't know what it is, but the more worn and chipped something is, the more I am drawn to it.

And so, before we head off, I thought I would show you what is left of the summer decorating. I am already so anxious to get to pumpkins but first I will find time for a little back-to-school.

The mantle is pretty much just a display of the season's colors-and then the sunflowers. The big green, glass jar on the right is a candle holder that I found really marked down at Pier 1 about a month ago. I actually bought it thinking I might use it on the counter in the new bathroom but I have found a few other places I like it better so it may be one of those things that can pretty much be out somewhere all year long.

The candle holder part can also slip out and this could be filled with autumn leaf branches, pine boughs, etc.

And, just a few little pops of sunflower in the guest bath.

So that is it for summer decorating. We will do some apples, notebooks, etc. for our back-to-school party but, other than that, our next stop will be pumpkins, acorns and autumn leaves...can't wait! Stay tuned.

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