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Friday, July 15, 2016


When last I blogged I was telling you I would let you know how I made out with my shopping excursion today. We actually had a few things we have needed and today was the day!

These Vera Wang sheets are the BEST sheets I have ever slept on-in my opinion they far exceed my RL and my Macy's Hotel Collection. I am so excited to get another set. Her towels feel as thick and soft as my PB towels so we will put them to the test. All of the Vera Wang stuff was 50% off and then the extra 30% and then $10 off because it was more than $50. Pretty soon they will be paying me to buy it!

I love it when this happens-I actually saved almost twice as much as I spent. AND, did you notice the $40 in Kohls cash that I got. I will totally just spend $40 for something else that we still need. AND, I can actually spend 30% more than $40 because they gave me back my 30% off coupon and another $10 off coupon that are all good at the same time. How do they stay in business operating like this? Lol

I'm off to check out the rug. My decorator daughter will tell me it is too small for where I am going to use it (it's 5'X7') but I don't want a full room size rug. I really just want this under the coffee table in the family room to break up the large expense of floor. We shall see. Stay tuned.

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