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Friday, July 22, 2016

Unfinished Business

This has been the week of LOTS of appointments and I have been home very little. With next week looking to be about the same, I am going to use today and the weekend to their fullest-while still trying to fit in its share of R & R that one would expect on a weekend!

I made a list this morning of all of the little things (and some not so little) that I have left hanging and I am just going to pick a jumping off point and get going!! And lucky you...I am bringing you along for the ride!

The first chore of the day was a no-brainer-although if you read the "hanging instructions" on the back, you might have run away!

The instructions say to use the supplied 6 screws...and there were NONE to go into the 6 holes on the hook...and there were NONE. If I had never hung a hook before, I might have just returned this. I am assuming that they mounted the hook on the wrong backing??? And, to make matters worse, they had the hook zip-tied on so tightly that it made looking at the back of the hook virtually IMPOSSIBLE...and darn near impossible to release from the backing!!

Me being me, I persevered and finally got it loose and saw just what I had expected-a keyhole assembly. That meant just ONE screw and since I was being all righteous, I went ahead and did a bit of measuring and actually got it done with just ONE hole and even used an anchor. I know, I know-I am not usually the queen of doing things right the first time because I really dislike reading directions...but, this time I DID read the directions and look where it got me-lol!

I use the pool a lot in the summer and this is where I hang my towel for an easy grab. I think it is kind of funny that I like everything in its place but, for some reason, this wasn't bothering me...

...until it was. Doesn't this look so much better? Now I know a beach towel hanging in my family room may still not fit decor but I will be happy with it there until it gets too chilly to swim any more this year! Chore #1 done!

Then I was on to painting this safety back onto the new rug in our bathroom. I found this rug that serves as a mat as well as a rug so that it can stay down all of the time. It is soft on the feet but very absorbent and dries really quickly. The only problem is that the hoops tend to be easily pulled and when an 8 month old Golden Doodle gets her nail stuck in it and then decides it could be a chew toy, the rug doesn't fair as well as the dog! Hazel pretty much destroyed this thing but I got out my trusty crochet hook again and re-hooked it. That being said, I DON'T EVER WANT TO DO THAT AGAIN! I remembered this stuff from back in the day. I found it in the rug hooking section of HL and it holds your hoops as well as helps with slipping. Chore #2 done!

Then I was on on to the bathroom window. I don't like a "naked" window although I will admit that I almost went that way with this one. It is the only window in this bathroom and it is small-not to mention that the edge of the window butts right up against a wall so rods are pretty much out of the question unless you use a tension rod and then that would hang inside and cut more light than I want it to. I had seen this idea on Pinterest:

I thought about mounting the hooks on a stained piece of wood like in this picture. I figured it would match the shelves and hooks on the other side of the room. But then I had second thoughts. I thought it might be too visually heavy and there is enough going on on this wall so I just mounted the hooks to the wall instead. I used a small piece of linen I had around. I am O.K. with it but will probably look for something I like better the next time I am in JoAnns. It didn't take any time at all so I won't mind doing it again if the mood strikes. Chore #3 done!

Then I found all of the things I have gathered for this year's Back-to-School party and was just about to start making plans when the phone rang and an unexpected visitor announce he was on his way over. Good friends always trump chores, so that is as far as I will get today. But, thank goodness for the weekend...hope to get more off of my list tomorrow! Stay tuned.

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