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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So What's Up With That???

O.K. Today's post is just about a lot of little things that I have questions about. Nothing awe inspiring or anything like that...but, never-the-less!

The first thing that boggles my mind is the coupons that I continue to receive from stores giving me (usually) $10 if I spend $10. These coupons don't always come from stores that I spend a lot in but I can always find something to buy with this offer.

Yesterday I had two such offers. The first was from Kohls and I actually had a $10 and a $6 offer from them-and, they could be combined. I wanted two, pretty new washcloths for the tiered stand on my new bathroom counter. Guess I haven't shopped for wash cloths in a long time because the first one I picked up was $17.99!!! For ONE!!! Yikes! On to the next...$15.99!!! I settled on the ones that were $11.99-not the lowest priced but really pretty. They were on sale for buy 1-get 1 50% off-not the best sale I have ever found at Kohls but that came to $18 and I was getting $16 off so a total of $2 for two...not bad and something I would have had to buy any way.

Our next stop was the mall. I am not a big shopper at Penneys but they do carry some things I like so $10 for $10 was enough to get me in. Usually I anticipate spending a few extra dollars to make this deal work but...wait for it...I needed a pair of flip-flops and the ones I liked were on sale for $10. I figured I would need to buy a Godiva candy bar-which they so conveniently keep right at the registers for, I am sure, just this purpose. But, when the lady ran it through, she put the shoes in a bag and handed them to me. I had my card out assuming I would at the very least be paying tax but NO. Shoes TOTALLY free. She said she had never seen that before but that was what the register said! Maybe I was secretly their ten billionth customer or something.

Cute huh? And did I say totally free? And they will go with anything...and, did I tell you they were TOTALLY free?

In any case, two things I would have bought for practically free-what's up with that?

And then, back to my last post. Apparently I am the only person who likes the ladder in the bathroom idea. I was totally out-voted so back to just the hooks. What's up with that?

And then once again, my blog has gone ballistic! When usually I get somewhere less than 100 hits a day, I am once again getting 300 plus a day in recent weeks. I suspect it is because 4th of July craft ideas are still floating around Pinterest and those pins send people to the blog but "what's up with that??"

And so, I am off to pressure clean the paths and patios I never got to in the spring and then on to the hook rack. I will let you know how that transpires.

None of that took as long as I had expected so I have gotten the hook rack done and up. It REALLY isn't what I wanted at all BUT, it does serve a huge function. We needed another towel in this room and I wanted just a spot for a bit more decor. I hung this metal basket on the hook because I already have it but I will be on the lookout for something I like more. Or, maybe I will find some pretty greenery to fill it up. The hooks were the only expense to this project:

And, I like the way it relates to the brushed nickel and stained wood shelves on the other side of the room.

So even though life may not be going exactly down the path I thought, it is going and I am along for the ride. Maybe I don't always need to know the reason why-maybe I should just sit back and enjoy! Stay tuned.

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