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Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Am Nothing....

...if not UN-decisive! Yesterday I was all proud of myself for posting about some options for the entry wall into the new bathroom. I thought I knew what I wanted and I was almost on my way to the garage to begin cutting some wood when...wait for it...I glanced around my office/kids' dormitory and spied the ladder to the bunk beds tucked in the corner. And, before I could yell "crazy lady", I was on my way with said ladder in hand. I propped it against the wall to see about any walking impediment and I "think" I love it. And so, I am back to thinking I want to build a rustic, stained wood ladder for this space. I could then use it for all the same things that the hooks would have supplied. And, if I tire of it, I can always prop it up against another wall in another room. So many choices-so little decisiveness!

O.K. So here is where I am thinking. The bunk bed ladder is way shorter than I want but this definitely helped me picture the finished product.

This is the one I am leaning simple!

Then, I can even grab some of these wire baskets that are all over HL these days for extra storage as well. I see a trip to Lowes in my very near future!

Can't wait. My next project just found me...unless I change my mind yet again. Stay tuned.

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