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Friday, June 10, 2016

Just Enough Time...

...for a quick tour of the kitchen before the cabinet people arrive to install drawers pulls and finish up some detail work.

This is where my new arrangement from Julies found a home and yet more "freebie" decor-the page from an old Good Housekeeping Magazine and a few pieces of dowel covered in scrap book paper and gussied up to resemble fire crackers.

 My American star. It is simply an unfinished wood star decoupaged with a napkin, finished with white glitter, hung with twisted wire and embellished with ribbon.

Another napkin decoupage project-this time on a clear, glass plate.

And still another decoupaged plate. I did lots of these plates with my grand children and with Girl Scouts. They are so easy to do and really can't be messed up...and, after they are dry, they make wonderful gifts filled with home made goodies.

And, here is where the tin sign from Pier 1 ended up.

I still love the vintage star the girls and I made as gifts one year. They were tedious but so worth the effort.

All we had to do for this project was drink some beer and wine that came in blue bottles!

Here are the fire crackers the "little" kids made last year. I had each one do a different color for complete sets to use as gifts. The poem is a download from an old reading book. I have always loved the illustrations in those old books.

And, if I can just get a minute to myself today, here is a sneak peek at a craft I plan to do. It is in no way as exciting as some of the things I have done in the past but, for right now, it is probably all I am going to pull off this year-casual perusing of craft stores just isn't on the calendar until the bathroom gets finished. These days it's Lowes or Home Depot for me...not bad places to be but, I'm just saying...I need my craft fix! Stay tuned for the "big" reveal. I bet you haven't a clue! Lol

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