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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Biding My Time

Usually I am so busy that a chance to just sit and wait is a lovely thing...but not when I have so many other things to be doing. But, that is what I am doing today-sitting and waiting-and trying not to miss a phone call that may come in on my cell but also may come in on the land line! That call would be from the granite company telling me they are on their way to deliver our counter top. We are truly at a stand still until this happens because nothing from here on out can get done until the counter and then sink are done. And so we wait. I don't want to miss that call so I am staying very close to the phones but since there is one in the family room, I snapped a few shots for you.

This hand-print wreath that daughter #3 made for us so many years ago is still a favorite with me-and apparently lots of others as well as it it still one of my most viewed and copied "pins". It is a good thing I took it apart and laminated those little hands for posterity!

I still really love the PB knock-off flag that I made years ago. I did it on bead board so the stripes were a no-brainer and if I am remembering correctly, I got mine and one for each of my girls out of one sheet of wood.

This is where the new Pier 1 Uncle Sam ended up. I think he looks cute standing in the shadow of all of those flags.

 I just realized that my Uncle Sam candy dish is still waiting for some red, white and blue candy. He usually gets filled with 4th of July Tootsie Rolls so I had better be on the lookout for some. Target has a lot of patriotic colored candy which I have already purchased but none of it is individually wrapped and with the stuff that is still blowing in the air with the construction, I'm thinking wrapped will definitely be better this year.

I am also still using the banner I made awhile back. It is funny how crafts go in patterns. I love vintage and a number of years ago, almost every craft going around featured vintage design. I bought so many programs and books with the old images and used them all the time. Now, I seldom even think of them until I am posting one of these blogs. But, as with everything else, the old becomes new again. So, when it does, I will be ready!

So that is it for the family room. The TV cabinets and shelf area are still full of 4th of July frames and photos but I thought I'd skip those pictures this year. Still no phone call, so back I go to finish my 4th of July craft-such as it is. Stay tuned.

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