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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The BIG Event

So the big day finally arrived. Since this time of the year things can get hot and wet in Florida rather quickly, the schools in St. Pete have taken to doing their graduations at Tropicana Field-the home of the Rays...and right down the road from Kristin's house. It is air conditioned and has seats with backs-yay!

We decorated the house and had appetizers set out for anyone who got into town early.It was so much fun decorating with pictures. It gave us a chance to reflect back on all of the special moments of Caitlin's life and all of the people who have helped along the way!

They used the jumbotron at the field so even those of us with tired, old eyes could see the faces on all of the graduates.

By the time we found Caitlin after the ceremony it was HOT and BRIGHT and CROWDED so pictures were not the best with sun in everyone's eyes, people walking in front of the camera and perspiration dripping off of everyone but we did the best we could and then got some at the restaurant later in the day.

We're all here except Harrison who had the honor of being chosen as only one of two boys from his school to attend the D.A.R.E. summer camp-which started on the Tuesday of their first week off of school.

After the ceremony we all headed to Noble Crust to celebrate Caitlin.

When present time rolled around, Caitlin had her fingers crossed that she knew what her gift from Aunt Cyndi and Uncle Joel would be-and she was right.

She got one of Aunt Cyndi's "life" quilts. One by one we are all the lucky recipients of these very special gifts. I don't know how my sister-in-law does it, but she finds the perfect fabric for all of the highlights of each of our lives.

Here she is telling Caitlin all about her quilt and why she chose the fabrics that she did.


As they say, it takes a village...and the village was all here today to see Caitlin finish one part of her life and begin another. Life as we know it has changed again. One more of our little ones is heading off. I have no doubt she can do anything she wants with her life and the road may take her far. I just always hope she never forgets the path home-and I hope she uses it often! Stay tuned.

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