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Saturday, June 25, 2016


It feels like forever since I last posted. We are now officially done with construction-although I am still tweaking the decorating of the new bathroom. We are living in it for awhile and making note of things we feel we still need. We are not going to just "fill it up" with stuff that isn't functional. But, that being said, I am trying to find functional things that are also decorative. I finally hung the two towel hooks this morning and, after considering all sorts of wall decor-shelves, baskets, tin tiles, pictures-I think I have decided to just hang another piece of stained wood to the wall where you enter the room. Then, I am thinking of just adding another few hooks. This would be an easy, inexpensive fix but would also give us room for another towel or two...or, just a hook to use for hanging clothes for when we jump out of a shower...or for a hanging candle...or a wreath...or a jar for fresh flowers. What do you think? Something like this...

...or this? 

I think the "polished" room needs a touch of the rustic wood on the other side to help with the balance. And, while I was looking for the perfect idea for that wall, I may have happened upon the perfect idea for the way to hang just a little something over the window.

The window in this room is small and we don't want to lose any natural light if we can help it. But, the window isn't all that attractive "unadorned". And, it butts right up to a wall so hanging a rod of any kind is not possible. Maybe just one more piece of stained wood over this tiny window with these small hooks holding just the essence of a window covering. It would be another soft element to balance out all of the metal and wood. Just beginning the thought process on this. You will be the first to know-I promise. Stay tuned.

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