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Monday, June 20, 2016

Patience is a Virtue!

I was a Brownie G.S. leader for many, many years. First it was for my daughters and then for my grand daughters. The phrase "patience is a virtue" played an important part in the play that we always did for our yearly induction ceremony. And, I have never been very good at being "virtuous". I am not a very patient person...well, I am when it comes to waiting in lines or taking turns, etc. I am just not very patient with myself. When I decide to do something, I want it done-YESTERDAY!

And so, in the scheme of things, even when everyone tells me our construction went very smoothly and quickly compared to other horror stories, I was getting a bit "ansty" towards the end. We did demolition on May 13 so it really has only been about 5 1/2 weeks-it just seemed so much longer because we had to move everything to the other end of the house and work out of an unfamiliar place. Not a really big deal, but when you get to our ages, routine is an important word. I hate it, but, I don't like change!

And so, today we are finally at the end of the line! The contractor is working as we speak to finish up some final details and then we will have our house back to ourselves. Now comes the fun part-and the not-so-fun part. I will enjoy the decorating just not the organizational aspect-and, I am trying hard to be a bit more organized in this room. I have beautiful cabinetry now and I would like to keep it like that. And, I am finally getting tired of having to move 10 things to get to another. Lucky for me the queen of organization (daughter #1) is coming to town on Friday! As well as having so many other talents, this girl can organize-and I intend to pick her brain for every little tip she can give me. Stay tuned.

We added a little bling to the ceiling and I love the way the light filters across the room-hard to see in this picture-you'll just have to take my word for it. I also discovered that taking pictures of this room is nearly impossible unless I want you to see me reflected in the mirror-and believe me, I don't.

I think I am going to look for a taller, 3 tier wood and metal shelf to have out on the counter with just a few "pretties" filling it. I found one on Pinterest but of course there is no info on where it was bought so I guess I have my first new project! Stay tuned.

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