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Monday, June 13, 2016


I think I am getting cabin fever! I am sooooo tired of staying close to my phones but I JUST DON'T want to miss that call. I know it will come. I just don't know when. And so I sit....and wait....and start to go stir crazy!

I did get out into the yard yesterday because I know there will be no construction phone calls on a Sunday. And, as usual, one thing led to another and I did get a lot done. Lots of weeds had popped up as well as errant limbs on hedges and bushes so I did some good cleaning out. And, I even managed to get into the pool for a bit before a lovely summer rain storm came through. With the heat that we have been having, rain is always a welcome relief. It also means that I don't have to hand water as much. Our twice weekly irrigation takes care of most of our lawn and gardens but I have lots of potted plants that don't get hit by the system and, since they are in pots, they dry out even more quickly!

So while I am waiting, I snapped a few more pictures. Come on in to the dining room. I am keeping it very simple this year.

The dining side of this room is decorated with mostly just patriotic colored urns and jugs and lots of flags. I used the knick-knacks on the shelves of the fire place but am finding that I am using less and less of them over the years. It's funny how something that I once wanted so badly just doesn't "do" it for me any more. I guess that's what keeps manufacturers in business-always trying to find the next hottest item. Of course, I do still have favorites that have been around forever-just don't happen to be any of the things in this hutch. Guess that means that they may not make the cut next Stay tuned.

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