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Thursday, June 16, 2016

I Can See the Light!

We are almost at the end of the tunnel!!! I got "the" call last night from the granite people confirming installation on Friday afternoon. They wanted to know if I would be here!! Seriously? Do they really have no idea how long people wait to get that call after ordering granite. Where else would I be? But, I digress.

Of course, they can't give me a time so the plumber is "on call" for as soon as they finish. Then, the sink will get connected and the faucet will go in! And, with the exception of the mirror-which I think I will attempt myself even though I have been warned that it is a hard installation-we will be up and running. I am chomping at the bit to get our stuff moved back to our end of the house.

The rest of the story was the shelves that I posted about-which are now up. It was a bit more complicated than expected but we have a wonderful handy man who hung them for us and they are perfection. I just stuck a few things up so it would feel more homey but once we are actually moved back in, I will probably rethink what I want on those shelves.

 Seriously, am I the only one who would decorate shelves before the whole bathroom is even built?

And then, on to my barn doors. I have posted about these things numerous times and still they are not done. Apparently my doors are more difficult than usual because of the size of the doors and opening. The opening is 6' so it requires two sets of hardware. And, because just the hardware itself weighs a ton-not to mention the added weight of the doors-, this is a hard installation. Our fabulous handy man is handling this as well. He has now been at it for about 3 hours and is still just getting all of the support work done.

This is one of those things that looks like it should happen quickly but believe me, it doesn't. Leveling is so important and because our rail runs 13 feet, it was a real bear to do. Now, all we have to do is tackle the doors. And, I have to get that 1X4 painted before then!

Saturday, my brother and sister-in-law are coming down for the weekend and we are going to build the "barn" doors. We had so much fun building Olivia's head board that we are getting cocky and think we can pull this off as well. I am actually quite sure we can as I am going for a very simple style and than a shabby chic paint job-can't really do anything wrong with that. I am getting so excited that months of waiting and anticipating may finally be coming to an end. And then, what will be next? You know I love my projects. Stay tuned.

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