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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

So Close!

Yes, I think the end is finally in sight!!

Remember when I told you that I was a bit sad that we were going to be gone for 9 days while my bathroom renovation was taking place and that I would miss all of the fun stuff. Well, I was wrong. We were gone for 9 days but I didn't miss a lot. Apparently, construction moves slowly!

I did miss seeing the tile go down in the shower, the vanity being delivered and installed and the baseboards going in. That is about it. I know that isn't all that got done in 9 days, but that is about all of the visible stuff.

Since we have been home, some more finishing detail work has happened and the shower door went in. I have now finished the wall texturizing and painting, the painting of the ceiling and have all of the crown molding painted ready for installation today-I hope.

Before I could get this posted, a few more changes have happened.

The crown is up-all I have to do is go back and do some touch ups.

The shower door is on and it is beautiful! I wish we could have done the whole shower in glass but we really needed that little bit of wall for towel hooks (my decorator tells me we don't use towel bars any more-lol). The shower looks really small in these pictures but it isn't in reality. Even with my little bench-a concession to me if I was giving up my tub and needing to shave my legs in this space-there is more than enough room.

The plumber popped in yesterday to get the commode and shower up and running.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the granite people to return with the counter and sink. But, the electrician is coming tomorrow so all power and lighting will be good to go. It is getting so close.

I can't wait to start the decorating process although "general consensus" is that it needs to be kept "clutter free" so I guess there won't be much to shop for. I do know that I want to bring in some very rustic elements. The room is beautiful but a bit too monotone for me. The cabinetry has a hint of a chocolate glaze. Since it is all on the right, I feel the need to balance the "brown" a bit on the left. I thought dark stained shelves above the commode would not only balance the color but the height of the linen tower as well. We decided against floating shelves per se but finding just the right thing proved to be more difficult than I had thought. My daughter found us some brushed nickel brackets at Ikea that are perfect and then my job was to find some 1" thick wood to use as the shelves. Anyone who has ever worked with wood in America knows that 1" X anything (1X4, 1X8, etc.) is NOT 1" thick and the brackets are such that the wood just needed to fit tightly or it didn't look right. Thank goodness for Goggle. One night when I couldn't sleep, I started on my quest and-would you believe it-was led to a blog about this very same bracket and issue.

This lady is apparently as OCD as I am and was just not going to be happy with "shelf gap". Lucky for me she did all of the foot work. She found that a stair tread is exactly the right thickness. Off to Lowes I went again-with bracket in hand- and she was right. One 4' tread was perfect for 2-2' shelves.
Since I couldn't get to my chop saw, my son-in-law made quick work of cutting the tread in half and then rasping off just a bit for a PERFECT fit!

This is what mine should look like after I get the stain on-except my brackets are brushed nickel. I will use these shelves for my "pretty" towels, maybe a few jars of "stuff" and anything else I find along the way to add to the pretty.

I almost went back and retitled this post "One Thing Leads to Another"...and darn my "new eyes". Those of you who are regular readers know that I talk about seeing all of my house's little eccentricities with new eyes now and then and knowing that it is time to finally address issues I have been living with for way too long. And. of course, that is exactly what happened when I touched up the crown and baseboards. Of course they butted right up to the door molding-which hadn't been painted in a good long while. And, of course, then those moldings looked horrible next to the stark white of the new, one thing lead to another...and I have just finished re-painting the door molding. Of course, where that hits the baseboards in the bedroom looks horrible, so can bedroom baseboards be far behind? And then, where those baseboards meet up with the other two doors in that room??!!! And so go the joys of home ownership. A few more projects have just been added to the list. I might be beginning to question my love of projects! But, that being said, the house is now all decorated for the 4th. If I can still walk this afternoon, I will get "spring" put away and be ready to start the reveal in my next post. Stay tuned.

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