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Thursday, July 24, 2014

"You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs"....

...or something like that. In order to get here:

Which would be a totally empty - but not yet cleaned - drawer. I have had to go through many, many days of something like this...with, I fear, many, many more to come!!

But, as I often say, the longest journey.... I have come up with a pretty decent system. It is not fool proof. I am sure some of the kids are getting duplicates of some pictures while some are not getting any but, when I am ever done, I will have a pictorial history of our times with our grand children - one set for each of them and one full set for us. Is it as wonderful as a beautiful scrapbook? Certainly NOT in my opinion, but at least we will all have these picture memories and as the kids get older and they want pictures from the past (which they already have in some cases as they too want to make photo gifts for family and friends), they will have them. I began by noting the dates on the ones that I could but that too became just too HUGE a project so, when I present the boxes of pictures to each of the kids it will be with a note encouraging them to sit down and look at the pictures together with their parents on rainy afternoons or when they have some down time and need something to do. They should be able to get pretty close to a time line by remembering the event, hair cut, clothes, etc. Doesn't that sound like a lovely bonding experience? Wish I could say that I meant for that to happen but I would really have liked it better if I could have given it to them in chronological order. But, after all, there are only so many hours in a day.

I truly did not remember how many drawers of photos I had as well as all of the boxes and bins. YIKES!! Don't know what I will do with all of those empty drawers once I am done, but it will be fun filling them again I'm sure!  I am just pretty much keeping this stuff out all of the time and sitting and sorting when I have a few free minutes....and some day, I will be done!

Of course, free minutes are few and far between around here but I love it that way. Just got back from a visit at the home of daughter #2. She was keeping my 3 youngest grand children (her nephews and niece) for a day and invited me up to share. I wish I had more pictures but it was one of those visits where we were just having too much fun to interrupt for picture taking. We visited with my brother and sister-in-law at the pool. The kids are such good swimmers that they pretty much entertain themselves these days. Then, we spent the rest of our visit taking golf cart rides - and each child took turns at driving and did a really good job - right down to the "almost" 5 year old. The boys "fished" in the creek behind the house, we took the dogs for a nice long walk, made meals together and found a movie that we could all agree on! No easy task that one! Just mention "Frozen" any more and both boys run in the other direction!

It truly doesn't take much to entertain this one. She pulled this large leaf from the creek and spent many minutes entertaining us!

So another lazy week of summer is pretty much over. I am finding a bit of time to tackle all of the weeds that seem to pop up overnight after our afternoon showers followed by a nice long time recuperating in the pool. I think time with my family and time in our pool are the only things about summer that I truly enjoy. Don't ask me what I am doing living in Florida! But, every store is beginning to show the signs of autumn coming closer so there is a bit more bounce in my step these days! I have actually decided on some Halloween crafts to do soon. I really like to do some of my Halloween crafting in the summer so I am good to go with costume sewing once my "orders" arrive. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can find the supplies I need when I head out tomorrow. Stay tuned.  

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