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Sunday, July 27, 2014

"What Was I Thinking"????

Right about now I am thinking I WASN'T thinking. I may have bitten off more that I can chew - so to speak! I have spent almost all of my "down time" the last week or so on my photo purging project. I was actually beginning to feel good about it as I saw some shelves on the etagere begin to empty. In fact, I was beginning to feel quite smug and thought it wouldn't be long before I would be writing my SUCCESS story blog. And then, just like in the comics, that big, old "pop" bubble appeared over my head as I remembered ALL of the other places I still have stacks of photos.

This picture doesn't even tell the whole story. To the left of this closet is way more room holding many more boxes!

And just when I thought THAT was all, I remembered that at least 4 of the large drawers in my closet storage also hold photos. Is this beginning to feel a bit overwhelming to you as well?

I know the only way this will get done is to do it! I am to blame for letting it get so ahead of me. I know I will be proud if when I finally accomplish my goal - just hope it happens soon because we will be needing this sleeping space to pull out the trundle very soon. Just the thought of having to put it all away before I am done makes me cringe! I will persevere! Stay tuned!

And note to self...that carpet is in desperate need of a cleaning!!

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