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Monday, July 14, 2014

Making Progress

My "sewing room" is finally getting some attention. After a rather busy week, I finally managed to go through ALL of the stuff that was on top of my crafting desk. Boy, were there a lot of pictures already organized and ready for scrapping. Years and years of 4th of July pictures ready to go. You have no idea how it hurt to just take all of those pictures and put them in piles to pass along to the kids. And, the hardest part is actually throwing any out. I am a more is better kind of girl - but then, you know that. If one picture was good, three or four were better. But, I know, no one in his/her right mind wants all of these pictures. No one has room for them. And so, I parted with many.

When the tears finally stopped - just kidding but it was hard - and I had the whole area cleared, I realized that some of the caulking on the formica desk area had separated so out came the caulk. And, as usually happens to me, one thing led to another because each time I thought I was done, I found another area. And then, why not really scrub it all while I was there.

And so, here is where I am.

That pile on the right is actually the start of a myriad of things that need sewing. I will get the machine out soon but just realized that I had better also clean out the area under the desk or I won't even be able to sit there! Does it ever end?! Stay tuned.

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