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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Not Sure I'm Loving It!

We're looking at the dining room today and there are still a few spots that need tweaking. Unfortunately, I am still catching up on some other things so decor inspiration isn't flooding my way. Maybe soon - and if it does, you will be the first to know. Until then...

As I looked at this picture, I realize I am starting to like this wall more and more. I like how the black wrought iron pieces all look like we bought them to go together when honestly, it was just a lucky happenstance when we were "shopping the house". I guess when you use things you love, they will always work for you

I seem to have a really hard time decorating this piece. The shelves are shallow and since I am trying to cut back on my "million" framed photos, I am sometimes stumped where to go. Right now it just has some of the "vineyard" theme and some of the late summer color. This will definitely be one of the first things to get tweaked when inspiration strikes!! If inspiration strikes quickly!

I seem to teeter back and forth between these sunflowers and dried hydrangeas in this box. I like the hydrangeas better but this year they have dried so beautifully outside on the bushes that I am not yet ready to cut them. Once I do, I will put all of these sunflowers in a big urn and fill this box with hydrangeas instead.

This is another area that needs work. I am still not used to having shelves here after so many years of it being an open niche. I seem to get stumped each time I have to decorate it for a new holiday or season. I need to try to think out of the box but, so far, NOTHING! Maybe I need to use some books or anything other than the predictable ceramics???

I still love all of my urns and olive jars. Makes me feel like I am on a hillside in Italy. Just realized that I haven't added a new jar in awhile. Makes me remember that I need a trip to PB. Now if it would just stop raining for a day so we could get there. No fun perusing an "open" mall in the me, I have done it! Fingers crossed for a trip this coming week. Stay tuned.

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