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Friday, July 18, 2014

Lazy, Crazy, Hazy Days of Summer

Everyone knows that summer is truly my least favorite season of the year! I don't like heat or being hot. I would spend 3/4 of my summer days in the pool if it didn't train so much during this season as well. Holidays are sparse so that means seasonal decorating is as well! Just not my cup of tea. But, that being said, I do love the lack of schedules and obligations because school is out and everyone seems a bit more "laid back".

I have given in to the "lazies" a bit as well. Kind of spending my days doing as I want with lots of unexpected visits and trips popping up. That is my excuse for being MIA and I am sticking with it!

That being said, let's catch the family room decor real quick as it is REALLY sparse on "summer" this year.

If you are observant, you may have noticed almost all of my olive jars and urns out this summer. I just love these things and since they fit into my summer color scheme, why not?!

The rest of the family room is pretty much the same...lots of citrus colored candles and sun flowers wherever possible.

Now moving on to the fun and unexpected. My house has been a meeting and dropping off place for most of the travels this summer. I love that because then we get to sneak in some extra visits as well as everyone seems to come a day or so early or leave a day or so later. We also babysat our 80 lb., black lab grand dog for two weeks... and still miss her. She could be an identical twin to our beloved Mandy, so we have a truly special place in our hearts for her. We love to have her visit and the older she gets, the easier she gets. She pretty much "talks" to us to tell us when she needs more food or water or when she wants to go out. The rest of the time, she is lying at our feet!

We had an unexpected invitation the other day when Becky and her girls came into town to take us to lunch. We went downtown to a favorite restaurant, Pi, and had a wonderful lunch and visit.

Then, my hubby took a notion to make a spur-of-the-moment trip to Gainesville because he knew I had some coupons from Chicos and Yankee Candle burning holes in my pocket. Gave Becky a call and she and Morgs were able to join us for lunch at our favorite, BJs, and then we were able to go by "Earth Origins" and have a quick visit with Hannah at work. Came home with full shopping bags and even "fuller" hearts!

Some "sillies" in our family are into "selfies"...just saying.

In any case, I am enjoying doing what I pretty much just feel like doing at the moment. As we speak, The sun is shining and it is the perfect temperature outside. Going to tackle this mess for a few more minutes and then head outside. Yes, still working on cleaning out the kneehole area of the desk so my "sewing room" remake can continue. I will leave you with some words of wisdom sent to me via Pinterest by daughter #1 the other day...and stay tuned!


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