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Monday, July 28, 2014

"Do-Overs"...and Now What???

So you all know that I have been trying to de-clutter "a bit". This is STILL so hard for me - mostly because of Murphy's Law...if I get rid of it today, I will find an AMAZING idea of how I could have used it tomorrow!!! I was putting away a few 4th of July flower arrangements in a closet I don't use very often when I saw theses lovely creations:

I bought this arrangement at Pier 1 many, many years ago. It was used in the main parts of the house when I was a bit more "floraly" and then went out in my spring decorating when I put out my rose patterned dinnerware and frames. Its last incarnation was in our bedroom - for quite a long time in fact. I have always loved the chippy pedestal urn, but fell out of favor with the faux (and not "good" faux) roses long ago.

In keeping with my de-clutter mentality, it was on the way to the "donate" pile along with this lovely piece....

...when I realized that maybe I could still use the urns in some way. And so I set out to rip these things apart. But, as is frequently the case in my world, it was easier said than done!

The one filled with ivy I had actually put together myself. I must say I did a pretty good job of securing the floral foam to the urn - must have used a whole bag of hot glue sticks - but, the foam was old and brittle, so I was able to cut it into small pieces and pretty much pop it all out.

But, the rose urn was a different story. Seems they used something like that expandable spray insulation that grows to fill every nook and cranny and gets HARD when cured. It was no easy task getting that stuff out. I used every tool I owned - and a few choice words - before I finally won!!!

Now I am left with this and the possibilities are endless!

Right now all I can see are pumpkin stands...think I am OVER summer and dreaming of what is to come. My first thought was to paint them black to use them for Halloween but that would be a bit limiting. I am thinking of going a bit more "creamy" in my autumn decorations this year - that is, if I can find NICE faux cream pumpkins. I might actually have to break down and buy the real ones to get the look I want. Last year they were really expensive so we shall see. But, can't you just see a beautiful cream colored pumpkin sitting on a nest of lovely bittersweet or autumn leaves? Hmmmm.....

...yeah, sort of like that. And here I thought this was all my idea - haha. Thanks Pinterest. If you have the time, hop on over to my Pinterest Autumn and Halloween boards. You will see where I am spending lots of my time. Stay tuned.

BTW, thanks to all of my blog readers in Russia. I have no idea how you found me, but I am glad you did!

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