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Monday, July 21, 2014

Snips and Snails...

I am giving myself today to stay home and do some little things that have been on the to-do list for much too long. You know, those little things that really no one but you will know if they get done or not yet they keep niggling on your mind until they are!

I have been meaning to hang a new hummingbird feeder FOREVER! Every time I am out by the pool, I see several hummingbirds visiting the plants in the gardens. They are so beautiful that I really wanted to attract more and even I can only plant so many plants!

As I was waiting in the garden center the other day, I looked up and saw a feeder and snatched it up immediately.

I also grabbed a bottle of the pre-made food with electrolytes. I have no idea if this stuff is any better than the sugar water I used to make myself, but these days, pre-made always seems to sound better to me! I liked this feeder because there is a little water well at the top to deter ants and anything that can send those little critters running is good for me!

This plant actually seems to be their favorite and the one that draws them to the gardens.

My plan had been to take down the copper hanging bird bath in the forefront of this picture and hang it from that hook. But, that bird bath has a tiny constant drip when I have it on and it not only provides fresh water for the birds, but the moving water attracts them as well. So, I decided to take down a bird house that had been hanging on the shepherd's hook and hang it there. That bird house has seen much use. For a number of years, the birds used it for nesting and it was so much fun to see the "parent" birds flying back and forth and in and out of that house. They would fly straight into the little hole and every time one of them did it, I worried that they would miss and hit the house - but, that never happened.

I was a bit reticent about removing it, but I know for a fact that it was not used this year so I am hoping I can relocate it and another happy little bird family will find it next spring.

Keeping my fingers crossed that I will soon have flocks of hummingbirds waiting in line for the new feeder!

Of course the next unfinished project on my list is my new "sewing room". You would think it would be done by now. How hard is it to pull out and set up a sewing machine?! But, you remember that I had to clean out the knee hole area of the desk and that took some doing! I have pretty much gotten everything out of there and either in the recycling bin, garbage or a new home. I will have to leave the rolling file because it is FULL of file upon file of seasonal papers and embellishments and even though I am not scrapping any more, I am still doing my seasonal crafts and go to those files often. Since it is on casters, it should be easy to just wheel out when I need to sit there and, actually, since it has a nice large, flat top, I can probably pull it up next to me and have some extra surface area for pins, thread, etc. as I am maybe a win, win!

As I was contemplating what all I would want to leave out on the counter top, I decided I definitely wanted the stuff I use for hand sewing as well. The fact that I have to rummage through my large sewing basket - which is down in one of the lower cabinets - truly keeps me putting off all of the little fixes that need to be done around here. I learned "a stitch in time saves nine" many years ago but still I just keep that "fix it" pile growing and getting taller and taller. I am hoping having everything right at hand will help.

With that being said, I decided I wanted my thread out as well and remembered something I had not seen for awhile. Wonder of all wonders, I remembered where I had put it.

Many years ago I made this thread holder for my mom in a shop class I had to take in junior high. She always used it and it sat by her machine. It was one of the things I wanted when she passed away but I never had a place for it to be out and so it sat in the back of yet another closet in this room. What better way to have some of my most used colors of thread handy.

I think I am actually very close to making the big move with the sewing machine later today. Then, I will finally be able to check another thing off of that pesky "to-do" list. Baby steps! Stay tuned.

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