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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I'm Adding on a Sewing Room....

....sort of! I know I have told you before that I always seem to find the most difficult way there is to do something. Oh, I get it done...but, in twice the time it takes everyone else. That is just how I think. Normally, it doesn't bother me but sometimes I wonder about myself!

Thus was the situation just the other day. I had finished making the 4th of July pillow covers and once again put my sewing machine away. I usually sew - without questioning it - on my dining room table. It is large and I first use it to cut the fabric and then I drag out the machine and accessories and there it stays until whatever I am working on at the time gets done - or we need to eat at the table! From the middle of September on, you will probably find the machine right there as I sew on that year's Halloween costumes.

And so I found myself running around Ocala the other day to find plain white or off white canvas pillows that I could use to make some other 4th of July pillows. It was not an easy task and as I was talking to a lady in one of the stores she said "why don't you just make them? They are so easy". I told her I had just finished making a bunch and she looked at me like "so what is your problem?". Then I told her that I hate pulling the machine in and out. And, that is when the light bulb went off. Why was I still doing that? I had made our youngest daughter's room into my office/grand kids dormitory with one entire wall of built-ins and two desk areas. Initially the one area was to be for my sewing machine but then I got obsessed with scrapping and used that side of the desk for that. And I was perfectly fine with that as I could start a page and leave it all out if I didn't finish.

But that was then and this is now. I don't think I have scrapped in several years other than the ABC books. In fact, part of the pile of stuff you see is stacks and stacks of July 4 pictures I had pulled to do oh so many years ago.

I guess I didn't make any changes because I hadn't fully made up my mind but I have now decided that there are not enough hours in the day to scrap for 7 grand children so I have turned over the gauntlet to someone else. And so, why was this area not now being used as a sewing desk?

It will be a place where the machine can stay ready so I can sit down and do little sewing jobs right away instead of building up a pile until I finally get the energy to pull it out!

I probably will still do large projects in the dining room because there isn't a lot of depth on this desk but it will certainly work for the rest of the things I sew.

Now how that area got to look like this, I am not quite sure. I have been really busy of late and it seems it was just easier to drop something off here than to actually find a new home for it. And yes, that is the vinegar I used on the faux mercury glass. It has been in a spray bottle so I will no longer use it for consumption but I want to do more faux painting with it in the future...and so it got "piled". This will be my job for tomorrow - I am actually making a nice dinner tonight and expecting company or I think I would be diving in right away.

Hopefully the next time you see this area, it will be my new "sewing room". With that machine at the ready, think of all the new projects I can start! Oh the possibilities!! Stay tuned.

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