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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Just What the Doctor Ordered!

I have a wonderful life. I am very happy! And yet, every now and then I can have the kind of week from which I just need to take a break! And oddly enough, that happened last week. So, when the invitation came to head out of town, I grabbed it quickly!

There is just something comforting about being away from our home phone and knowing we don't need to answer our cells unless we want to. No one can find us unless we want to be found.

We had a picture perfect weekend. We spent most of 4th of July out on the boat then returned home and took a ride through the neighborhood on the golf cart. Back to the house where my brother and sister-in-law joined us for awhile and then back onto the golf cart again for another pretty ride up to the neighborhood pool which was featuring live music for the holiday. We had the best time playing cards, listening to music and sharing some wine and beer.

As it got darker, we headed home for dinner and then sat outside "listening" to the fireworks and lighting sparklers. For some reason, none of us had the inclination to get up to go watch any of the shows. We would rather enjoy the show the fireflies put on in the woods behind the house! It was a truly, slow paced southern summer evening and just what we all needed!

Hannah and her parents had just spent 2 days at UF orientation so Hannah decided that they should be making a big UF....until we realized that mom could not possibly move fast enough to get that F in the picture. Did a little better with their attempt at stars! Well, sort of!

Going to enjoy the last day of the weekend. Presley will be here a lot next week as daughters #1 and #3 are off on their own road trip this week. They will end up Atlanta for market and hit some design show rooms as well. The two boys are staying in Arkansas for another week and Nana and Papa are lucky enough to share some time with Presley. I will be putting her to work helping me get up the "late summer" decor. Stay tuned.

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