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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer Time....

....and the living is easy - at least around here. I have been taking it easy and pretty much still doing what I want. We had an impromptu invitation to a lovely happy hour at daughter #3's house on Friday and now I have been invited to Gainesville to spend some time with daughter #2 and my three youngest grand children who will be spending some time with her. This is just the reason nothing gets written in ink in my calendar any more. Better show you the kitchen before I get another offer.

How lucky am I that Yankee Candle co-operates in giving me a candle that perfectly matches my theme this summer?!

As much as I am not a fan of summer, I do like the citrus colors and sun flowers just make me happy - so I can manage to cope throughout the season. But, if truth be told, here are where my thoughts really are:

Ran by the Yankee Candle store when I was out the other day and found this "Farmer's Market" scent. It smells so good and just perfect for the END of summer and the beginning of autumn - can't wait. It is taking everything I have not to light these candles but I will hold off a bit.

And this is the new decor in my family room. The munchkins drop in a lot these days and I love that they have so many things that they enjoy in our house that they can make themselves right at home. Of course, the Legos are one of the favorites so I am just leaving this here so that they can jump right back in each time they come. After all, these ARE the lazy days of summer! Stay tuned.

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