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Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Sun Has Arrived...

....the sunflowers that is! We are still having our predictable afternoon rain pattern but my house is feeling sunny! Presley and I got busy the other day - in between playing beauty salon, dollhouse, Legos, etc. - and decorated for the rest of the summer. This is always my least favorite time of seasonal decor because there is not one twinkling light to be seen in my house right now...and I miss them. But, the candles are burning and things are looking really clean - not because they are, but because there is just a lot less STUFF out right now. Come on along.

Let's start in the living room...

The color palette kind of comes from these candles - the colors of citrus. For some reason I think of citrus when I think of summer. I guess it comes from loving "ade" drinks so much but usually only drinking them when I am really hot! Also, doesn't the vase which I recently inherited from daughter #3 when she was doing a purge of her house ( give it to "Mickie"....she'll take anything )  go along perfectly with my "sunflower" theme?

Those chunky wooden candle holders are still out. I knew when I bought them that I would probably leave them out pretty much all year through all seasonal and holiday decor. They are big and I like that!

It was actually funny how many things I have that are this color palette. Of course, they are close to the colors of autumn so I guess that makes sense!

So that is the living room. Next time we visit we will check out another room. Stay tuned.

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