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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

"A Little Help From a Friend"

We have had this little one with us for over a day now with a few more to go and we are having so much fun! She is easy! She does her own thing and then we come together to do some things together and then she does her own thing again....happily! Did I say she was easy?!

We started our time together with a big breakfast out and then we hit the pavement running!

After a long holiday weekend, I had much catching up to do not to mention getting some groceries in this house...and she came happily along on all of my errands. We got home right before the obligatory summer afternoon rains so we nestled in for a movie....and, by the time the rains were over, hubby was home and we were off to Carrabbas for dinner. Wish I had a picture from there to share, but sometimes even princesses just don't want their pictures taken!!

Since Presley had just arrived home from an 8 day vacation, so was tired. After over 13 hours of sleep, she is up and ready to go. I am putting her to work today. I have taken down most of the 4th of July decor and she and I are going to put up my late summer stuff. It will probably take twice as long with a "helper" but it will surely be more than DOUBLE the fun. And, if all goes well, we will celebrate our accomplishment with an afternoon tea party - I'm guessing that we will be doing that even if all doesn't go well and we don't finish our chore as she has now asked about it for at least the umpteenth time!

Here we time we visit, our house should be ready for late summer. Once again I will use lots and lots of sunflowers and citrus colors. And then, can autumn be far behind? Stay tuned.

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