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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Easy As 1, 2, 3!

This was really a simple project! It really was as easy as 1: buy and cut wood 2: paint wood 3: attach wood. I have been debating this bathroom mirror frame project for quite some time...hence, probably the reason I must have pinned 6 different variations of the theme. The guest bathroom has a large mirror extending from one wall to the other. While it is good for make-up and hair, it is dated. I took the one down in our bathroom years ago and replaced it with a smaller mirror. That gave me room to add a much needed storage unit to the vanity. Since this bathroom has two sinks, I wanted to keep a mirror above each.

Now you know that the hardest part of any project for me is making up my mind what I want. Even though I knew this is what I wanted to try, I let myself fall in love with 2 large, Tuscan style mirrors at HL. And, they were 50% off-but still not inexpensive. After much debate, I decided I was going to go that route. And, it would have looked fabulous. BUT, I awoke at 3 A.M. the morning before we were heading out to get the mirrors in a cold sweat-well, not really in a cold sweat, but I did start to think about the process of removing that mirror monstrosity from the wall. If I remember correctly, I had a huge mess on my hands in the other bathroom when I did it as the glue holding it on the wall takes a lot of the wall with it when coming off. That could be the reason that I ended up with Venetian plaster on those walls-that or the mess I had when attempting to remove wallpaper from walls that were never primed-just straight drywall-thanks Mr. Contractor for that little problem-but, I digress.

Then, I also knew that these mirrors were HEAVY. They had about a 4-5" thick metal frame. I knew hanging them would be no fun either. And so, by the time the sun had come up, I had talked myself into the frame again. And, I am glad I did. This may not be my forever fix, but it does just what I wanted it to do for now. It gives me a bit of a change and an update. And, it truly could not have been easier-at least the way I am doing it. I wanted it to look "old world" and imperfect, so no worries about any little imperfections-actually, all the better!

 Here is a picture of the re-do in progress. How do you like my "improvised" clamps? I don't think I really even needed the books because the clear silicone glue that I used held pretty tight, but just in case I propped up some heavy decorating books so nothing wiggled. Now, I will say that when I bought the wood, I opted for one of the more expensive woods-don't remember which-than just the plain pine. It was finished nicely and really needed hardly any sanding. And, it was straight. I imagine this project would have given me a few more gray hairs if the wood was warped and didn't make an even contact with the mirror. For once, I thought ahead and avoided that mishap!

I wasn't sure what color to go with but decided on oil rubbed bronze as all of the knobs, faucets, towel bars, TP holder, etc. are in that finish. I am so happy I did it. Almost "instant" gratification! Going to be doing more tweaking on this room next week but none of it will be this exciting-just much needed repaint of the baseboards, new shelf (or something) hanging behind the commode, de-clutter of linen closet and under the vanity-you know, all the necessary but boring stuff. Then I think I will think seriously about a new wall color, shower curtain and towels-if I can ever make a decision that is. Stay tuned!


  1. Hands down, best improvement!! I love the new look. It is amazing how much a little molding can completely change the look and feel of the room.
    Kudos for a job well done (plus, I am jealous you actually completed a project; I have several sitting at 80% done!).

    1. I know, I am STILL waiting for the master bath reveal!