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Saturday, February 23, 2013

"Mommy, They Followed Me Home"....

....may I keep them?

Now I have actually had the experience hearing this phrase a time or two in my life. And, it probably has some bearing on the number of pets we have had over the years and our difficulty in remembering ALL of their names when our grand children asked us that question recently-but, I digress.

Yesterday was a fabulous day. One of those days not really planned-just sort of unfolded as it went. No preconceived ideas.

My husband is a C.P.A. and, contrary to popular belief, he stays busy all year long but, of course, tax return season always adds a bit more to the mix. And while he is squeezing in tax return appointments and actually finding the time to do the returns, his monthly business goes on. This past week seemed to be a week of exceptional deadlines for large requests for important things for important clients. In any case, he got through it and asked me if I would like to just get out of town for the day. He doesn't usually have to ask that question twice. We have a small repertoire of places we like to go that "the getting to" is easy and we always come home relaxed...and, those usually include a favorite dining spot or two as well.

The weather was picture perfect-just what he likes for sitting, rocking, reading and people watching, so it was off to Wiregrass for us. I made my usual rounds and ended up in Pottery Barn. Let me just tell you right now that it was NOT my intention to buy more green but, it is spring after all-well, at least it feels like it is. And, since I have been doing all of my St. Pat's decorating, green is on my brain. Here's what I ended up with:

I was going to make some St. Pat's pillow covers for the couch but when I saw these spring green linen covers, I changed my mind. Must admit that I didn't process how early Easter is this year until I saw the date on the window at PB. I will have to really scramble to get one theme down and another up so quickly so I decided that these will be perfect to run all the way through the next few designs-and, they were on sale too!

I love colored Mercury glass. This was the largest piece they had in this color, so I snatched it up. It too will hang around for awhile.

And now for this beauty! This picture doesn't begin to do it justice. I know it looks like it is ceramic but it is actually a transparent dark green glass-looks like the old, large wine bottles you see here and there. I have loved this lamp ever since I saw it in their catalog-and that was the only way to get it back then. My oldest daughter bought one and when I saw hers in person, I loved it all the more. But, not really needing another lamp, I kind of squirreled it away in the back of my brain. And then, yesterday, I looked up and there it was! I knew I had to have it-just one of those moments. And the fact that it is green only makes it better!

We had a wonderful, outdoor lunch while there and made it home just in time to head to our church fish fry. We gathered up a bunch of meals and took them to our daughter's house. She is down in South Beach hob-nobbing with the celebrity chefs at the Food and Wine Festival, so we figured we would help out our son-in-law. Enjoyed our meal out on the pool deck as the sun was setting and a fire was flaming in the pit. Absolutely wonderful way to end an absolutely wonderful day. 

Ready to show you more of the house in my next post. Stay tuned.

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