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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

It is finally here! Happy Valentine's Day! Hope everyone has something special planned! My day has been pretty much whatever I have wanted to do so far. I finished up a doll bed set I am making for my grand daughter. We had given her a doll crib for her birthday last year and it just didn't look complete so I made her a mattress, pillow and quilt-mostly pink of course. In a bit, we are going to take it along with the other gifts, framed picture of the kids and tons of cookies over to their house. I know they will all love their gifts but might have a hard time keeping them out of this until after dinner.

Then, we are coming home and this is awaiting me.

Since we eat out all of the time, we have gotten a bit spoiled. We don't like to wait more than 15 minutes for a table and tonight is a "waiting more than 15 minutes" kind of night. So, we actually went to see "Lincoln" last night and then out for our Valentine celebration. Got seated rather quickly so I guess not everyone has caught on to this little trick just yet. Tonight we will fix something easy and then nestle down to watch this movie. We saw it when it was in the theaters but it is so on theme that I thought we just had to see it again.

And here I am still tweaking! Saw this vintage banner at "A Cottage Industry" and just had to have it! I also bought a download of an Easter banner but have truly been so busy that I haven't even gotten a close look at it yet-but, since I have ordered a number of other kits from her in the past, I know I will love it as well.

Now that I am seeing this banner through "your" eyes, I think I will probably back the pennants with red paper as I don't like the white reflection in the mirror-this is truly the first time I noticed that and it has been up a day or two.

Off to enjoy the rest of my holiday-hope you are doing the same. Must confess that I did pull down a few St. Pat's things this morning but have a full day tomorrow so I probably won't get to the actual decorating until the weekend. Stay tuned.

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