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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

"Where the Heck IS Uzbekistan"?

There now. Is that a better way to start my next St. Pat's decorating post? I don't want to insult any of my blog readers. Believe me, I am grateful for every one of you! I really never thought this blog would be any more than a way for my family to keep up with my antics if they were so inclined. So, when I started getting more and more views, I started paying a bit more attention to where my readers were. And, can you believe, I actually have many readers in Russia-didn't ever dream they would be interested in St. Pat's decorating. Do they even celebrate St. Patrick's Day? And, I occasionally have readers in obtuse places like Uzbekistan. That sounds like the made up country name used in one of the worst movies my husband and I ever paid to see-"The Mouse That Roared". The only good thing about it was that we were watching it in the beautiful old Fox Theater on Peachtree in downtown Atalanta-but, I digress.

Any way, I welcome each and every one of you, wherever you are! Today we are heading in to the family room and let's catch the few things I put in the sunroom. After looking at the pictures, I realize that the sunroom is once again the poor "step child" of my decorating efforts-whatever doesn't get used anywhere else, goes here. But, again, in my defense, this is the room where I load up all of the "just coming down" decor until it is officially boxed up. By the time that happens several days later, I am exhausted and have no new ideas. All we can hope for is some Pinterest inspiration and LOTS of tweaking to come-we shall see. With my recent realization of how soon Easter will be upon us, I wouldn't count on it! 

Must apologize for all of the lighting and flash backs in these pictures. It was gloomy outside and I couldn't find any place to stand to get a picture and avoid this!

I love this tin pitcher that was a gift last year from daughter #3. It is reading as really blue in this picture and I know you're all wondering what I was thinking but in real life, it looks much more "greenish". Maybe I need to swap out those blue hydrangeas- they actually even look blue in "real life"-sorry.

So there you have it. Almost done. Just a few more pictures to share. I have begun thinking about our "green" fun day at Nana's as the kids are already asking me when we are making green cookies next. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I will be heading right over to my St. Pat's boards when I am finished here. Really so much easier than dragging out years worth of clippings-way less storage involved and no more magazines to buy so way cheaper too. I'm sure there will be pictures involved. Stay tuned.

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  1. That's funny. Malaysia is my second most views. Looking nice and green. I imagine you will be performing a quick turnaround on March 18! Can't wait to see it.