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Monday, February 18, 2013

And So It Begins!

If you were to knock on my door this minute, this is what you would see:

I am finally beginning "the Greening" of my house. Had really planned to be so much further along at this point today, but I forgot that hubby had a doctor's appt. this morning. Then, I spent the better part of an hour trying to track down my 47 year old marriage license. You see, I headed in to the Division of Drivers' Licensing the other day to get a new license after many, many years of just having my license renewed by mail. That new law finally caught up with me and it was time to give up my old stand by license that not only can not be scanned but has all of the pertinent info on the little stick-on form on the back-can't tell you how many times I have had a young cashier lean over and whisper to me that my license had expired with no inkling that safe drivers got their licenses renewed by mail and the new dates were on the back-but, I digress.

In any case, it is now apparently time as I CAN NOT buy wine in Target without being carded-really!!?? And, since they can't scan my license, I (and ALL of the angry faced people behind me ) had to wait patiently for a manager to finally arrive and sign off that I was indeed over 21....waaayyy over21!

So when I get my little reminder in the mail, I gather up everything they ask for and smuggly head in knowing full well that I will be that one exception person who will zip in and out-no problem! There is only one person in front of me in the sign-in line and not too many sitting and waiting. When it is my turn, I hand over each thing the man asks for until he says "proof of name change". What does he mean? I never changed my name. I guess I am assuming that they were talking about legal name change for ethnic reasons or something. Never dawned on me that they could mean name change by marriage! After all, I have had this name for over 47 years. It is the name on my Social Security card. It is the name on my license. Isn't that proof enough that once upon a time long ago I already proved to someone that my name had changed due to marriage.

But, not wanting to be "one of those grumpy older people", I smile, say "no problem" and head home to pick up my marriage certificate. Know right where it is and back I go. Take 2. Yeah, right. This time the guy tells me that he needs my marriage license. I say that we gave that to the Pastor and he tells me we got it back. Now, not only was 47 years ago a long time but it was our wedding day. I hardly remember anything. So, home I go once more and put in a call to hubby. He says just what I say but we tear apart every place it could possibly be and even take a trip to the lock box "just in case".

No such creature exists in our lives. Don't know if it got delivered to one of our parents or got lost in the mix up of changing addresses from U.F. dorms to our first apartment, but we are pretty sure we don't have it as we do have every other important paper we need.

So, next step, check with the court house where we took out the license. Only trouble is we don't remember if we did it in the county where we were in school, the county we had lived in when we went home for break or the county where we were married. I checked them all and came up empty so I sent out an urgent plea to my son-in-law who is pretty high up in one of those counties and he found it for me. Now, I am trying desparately to touch base with someone who can get me a certified copy so I can finally go in and get that driver's license-which I need more and more each day as I need another bottle of wine to get me through this mess!

And so, that is why I am not any further along in the greening. And now, hubs wants to go to another movie this afternoon. Guess I will try again tomorrow but you can see how I start. I kind of leave things out that I think might work with the new theme and start pulling anything I can find in the right color scheme. Really anxious to get going.

Always sad to say good-bye to the out going decor, but I will be seeing all of this red again in June when it reappears as part of the 4th of July decor and then it will stay around through the summer, fall, Christmas and Valentine's again so I will just say "til we meet again". Stay tuned.

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