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Monday, February 25, 2013

Green, Green, It's Green They Say....

O.K. O.K. I know, I promised I'd try to stop but it's a gloomy, rainy day (which I am actually happy about because we need this so badly) so a little levity is good for the soul. With that being said, it's on to the kitchen.

This is where the new green pot ended up. I love the "antiquity" look of this thing. Please make note of the beautiful spin art picture gifted me by my very obviously gifted grand daughter-or grand son. They both made one in school and I guess they look so much alike that the "artist" shall remain a mystery. They were both just so excited to give it to me that I don't care who made it, I love it!

I like this little wreath. It hangs on the side of the pie safe. I made it from a clover candle ring that I found at Michaels several years ago and then simply added the little hanger that is actually an ornament for a St. Pat's tree-about the only thing I have never gotten started on and by the time I take down the Christmas trees in my house, I know why I don't do trees for all of the other holidays!.

This is the little vine nest I use through most of the spring. I love the contrast of the purple flowers against all of the green but I am not crazy about the fact that is full of eggs and I am using it for St. Pat's. I had another little ornament that I had picked up at Michaels and nestled it in to cover the eggs and now I am good with it. It sits on the green footed bowl I made several years ago from an old, inexpensive monkey pod bowl and ugly wooden candle holder. Simply glued them together, painted and distressed. And, it is now an item that I make use of many months and seasons of the years!

Plate made from napkin decoupage and wine bottle label from Pinterest.

Here we have an inexpensive mug that I simply filled with greens and flowers and added a glittered leprechaun hat. So easy.

So that is the kitchen-remember, keeping it simple this year. We have a few rooms left to go-and unfortunately, a few puns as well. Stay tuned.

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