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Saturday, February 16, 2013

To Simplify or Not to Simplify...

...that IS the question. I think I have mentioned before that I seem to have Murphy's Law-sort of-whenever I get the inkling to start de-cluttering and throwing things away. It truly seems that the very next day after I finally decide to get rid of something that I haven't used for years, I will see the greatest idea for its use or one of my grand children will call and ask if I have it or someone just paid a million dollars for one at auction-well, that has never happened but it could if I throw away everything I no longer use.

This really has been my story ever since I was young. When we moved to Florida many, many years ago, I threw away years worth of United Nations information. Seems my class or my G.S. troop took a trip into N.Y.C. every year and this was one of the favorite stops. I had bundles of things given to us on each trip. Fast forward to one of my first assignments at my new school in Florida and I find myself being assigned a term project on the United Nations. And, the first thing we were asked to do was to send away for all of the same stuff that I had just gotten rid of. True story only to be repeated in variations all these many years.

So you can see why I am a bit skittish to purge. I just know the newest design craze is going to use something no longer inexpensively available that I just sent to the Goodwill yesterday.

But, I put my big girl pants on and hit some of the closets today. I know there are certain things I will never get rid of that keep all of the storage areas in my house pretty full-my seasonal and holiday things. But, I am beginning to get a bit more selective and getting rid of a lot of the little tchotchke stuff. I finally bit the bullet and said good-bye to the old towels that have make-up stains or bleach marks. They were really still good towels but I know I will never actually put them out again, so off they went. I might spill a gallon of paint tomorrow and need them to mop it up, but that's how it goes. See how my mind works? No wonder the walls seem to be closing in on us.

Funny thing is that once I got the closets looking better, I felt the urge to clean. Don't quite know what came over me, but I have had my hands in Pine Sol and bleach the rest of the day. Didn't get to everything but at least the house smells like I did.

Of course, this deviation from plans means that I didn't get to my St. Pat's decorating and it will be too late to start tomorrow after church and lunch out, so I will hopefully be back on Monday with the start of the "greening" of my house. Sure hope nothing I need is now sitting in my trash or the Goodwill bin. Stay tuned!

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