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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Smelling the "Tulips"

Have been on the run alot this week, but all for fun things-with LOTS of eating out involved. I keep telling myself I will get back to routine when Valentine's Day is over but even "I" don't believe myself any more.

Got to spend Tuesday night with daughter #2 in Gainesville. She was having a birthday, so we all went out for a lovely dinner and celebration. Then, got back in to town just in time to pick up my grandson from early dismissal and he and I spent a few fun hours together before he was off to swim team. Then, the next day, I was off to his award ceremony-never gets old!

On Friday, my husband and I headed out of town. Since his tax return appointments start to get real heavy now, we figured it may be the last time we get to do it for awhile. We also squeezed in a movie this week and, did I mention, lots of eating out!

In any case, today was spent with my three favorite little people. I had my youngest grand children here for a day of Valentine fun.

We started with a craft. I thought I saw this or something like it on Pinterest but when I went looking for it, it wasn't anywhere to be found. Maybe I adapted it in my own head-really can't remember. We started with an 8X10" canvas. I cut out the letters "LOVE" on my Cricut using the self sticking vinyl. Then, I cut out a bunch of hearts in different styles and sizes. I had the kids put on the letters and hearts. I "encouraged" them as to the placement of the letters because I knew I wanted the 2 canvases to go together but I let them put the hearts wherever they wanted. These things are really forgiving and easy to use. When they had everything right where they wanted, I gave them sponge dabbers and spread some paint onto small plates. Their only instructions were to make sure they dabbed and not scrubbed-this way we were pretty sure no paint would creep under the vinyl. When they dried, we peeled off the vinyl and chose a few places to do another heart or two in a contrasting color. I love the way they turned out and they really were kid friendly!

I'm going to frame this last one and give it to my daughter for Valentine's Day. I think she will love it!

Then, we were on to a Valentine's lunch. I always seem to have more trouble coming up with red food than I do green for St. Pat's Day. We ended up with pink spaghetti (I made a red sauce, but no one but me wanted it today), a heart hot dog with cheese arrow, heart shaped bread and butter and heart shaped strawberries. For dessert we had strawberry ice-cream and heart shaped cakes-courtesy of Little Debbie.

The hot dogs were an idea I saw on Pinterest but theirs looked much better than mine. Now that I've done them once, I think I could do better next time. Really didn't matter because the kids loved them and they were eaten in so much less time than it took me to make them!

And then, we made some pink chocolate chip cookies. We made these last year too and the kids love them but I am not a fun. I think it may be that my palate gets confused. I know I am eating a chocolate chip cookie but it tastes nothing like the usual because it is not made with brown sugar. They do look nice on a plate of Valentines goodies though.

I have another busy day tomorrow and then I will be back at Valentine baking and cooking. Should be a fun week. Stay tuned.

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