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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Add It To The List!

As usual, life has its own ideas of what I will really be doing as opposed to what I think I will be doing. This was going to be my week to finish up the guest bath "fluff" but that may not happen. Somehow, the calendar went from relatively empty, to FULL!. It looks like it will be a good week, but I probably won't be moving that "one step forward" that I had planned for.

And so, why wouldn't I want to add one more thing to my never ending list? Funny how things happen. The other day, I was on a search here in my office for something-don't even remember what-and pulling out all sorts of stuff to get to others-hence the plan to "fluff" and organize and de-clutter each room this year, but I digress-when I found this little beauty!

It is a film, slide and photo converter that I bought several years ago and stuck in the closet where it apparently got shoved further and further back as new things were added. Since I am still fooling myself into thinking that "this is my year", I pulled it out. When I heard our computer guy was coming over to check on something else, I wasted no time putting on my "helpless" face-which really isn't difficult when it comes to all things having to do with computer set-up. It didn't take him long to set it up and give me a quick lesson. And the he said "just read the manual to learn how to do everything you want". Those are always the words that make my blood run cold as we all know, I am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of girl. And that serves me well in most cases. I can usually figure out how to do something much easier than the silly directions say. But that just doesn't hold true when it comes to the computer. I am old! I never really learned how to use one of these things. I learn to do what I need and not one thing more. I do not think or speak like a computer. And so, we will see how far I get.

As we speak, this thing is sitting right next to my keyboard. My plan is to start going through all of my father's slides and then the thousands that my husband and I took for most of our children's younger years. We have very few pictures in print or negative form. Over the years, I have had some printed to scrapbook, but it is time to tackle them all and, if nothing else, get them committed to digital. Then, I can decide where to go from there. And, I guess come to the point that started this whole thing. Get rid of that entire hall closetful of slides and slide holders! I am hoping if I just scan a few each time I sit at the computer, I will eventually get them done. Hope I live long enough but I must say, we did a few sample slides and it was incredible to see me with my dad when I was about 7 years old up on the screen or my dad when he was stationed in Saudi Arabia. Should be a wonderful trip through so many years and so many memories. Stay tuned.   


  1. Too funny. In addition to all the projects I need to finish, and the ones I want to start, I just added this to my list of To Dos!!

    1. It looks like it will be easy-just really time consuming. But, the thought of not only having all of these slides backed up but also an empty hall closet is incentive enough. Once they are all digital, I am hoping to organize them into folders that make sense and then put them on CDs. Thought one with my dad's pictures would be a good gift for Jim this year!

  2. That would be a great gift and then we could get copies of all of them too. I think every summer I will have time to do it but never do. I just need to make the commitment! Problem is, my craft room is never clean enough to have room to work. Guess I will start there first! PS - It's Christmas still in my craft room!