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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Giving Myself the "Green Light"

O.K. I've got to stop with the silly sayings but, not only is green my favorite color, there seems to be no end of sayings using the word. I could go on and on. Lucky for you, there are only a few St. Pat's posts left to go for this year!

Since we have already been through the living room, let's head to the dining room. I changed a few things up this year but again, most of the decor was done simply with shades of green and no new actual St. Pat things were added.

Once again, I pretty much left this vignette as it was for Christmas and Valentines and simply swapped out the color scheme and number in the frame. As I get older (and slower and more and more tired), I am looking for just this kind of decorating. The wooden crate basket on the table serves the same purpose and makes me feel like I have done what I wanted but with minimal effort. I DO love decorating for the seasons and holidays or else I wouldn't still be doing it! That being said, somehow time is getting away from me these days and I really don't have 4-5 FULL days to do nothing but decorate for a small holiday. Some times I find myself a bit over whelmed by the sheer amount of holiday "stuff" I have. Once I have gotten myself started, I enjoy it but the time pushing myself to get started seems to be taking longer and longer, so SIMPLIFY I must! Hence, the swapping out of small stuff only "trick".

My daughter and I were reminiscing over these photos the other day when we realized How many of the pictures in the frames were taken of the kids the year before when they were actually making that frame. Kind of one of those picture in a picture in a picture kind of things-probably couldn't have done it if I tried-just kind of dumb luck but really "cool"!

Still really love this banner that I made last year. Just hearts folded and glued on to pennants made from maps of Ireland Got this download last year from Lil Luna.

I love displaying this bone china cup and saucer and cream and sugar set that my mom gave me. My mom collected bone china for years and that is what got me collecting as well. This set is covered in shamrocks and was a gift to her from my father who was of Irish decent. My maiden name is Dunphy and it is always fun to see posters out and about from "Dunphy's Irish Ale". My mom began giving me things of hers that she knew I loved many years before her death as she said she wanted to see me enjoying them. Every time I see this set, I am flooded with so many memories of so many times we were together and she used it just because she knew how much I loved it. No matter what anyone else was drinking out of, she always made sure I got bone china!

That's it for today. Really need to get some cleaning done. Funny how I can be content in my decorated house even when dust bunnies and cob webs are a'plenty. Guess Halloween is the only time of year that I can get away with "its parts of the decorating"! See you soon. Stay tuned.


  1. Super cute!! You have some really neat decor!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am always humbled by comments on my little blog that my grand daughter started for me as a kind of family journal-always happy when I know it pleases someone. And, I do so LOVE holiday decorating. This blog gives me the chance to share with anyone who will look!