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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Run, Run..As Fast As You Can!

If you are green and anywhere near my path, you will be caught! I did some change-ups on my St. Patrick's Day decor this year but instead of adding more leprechauns to the mix, I mostly pulled anything I could find that was green. I am working all of those things into the decor. Plus, a lot of it will be able to stay when St. Pats comes down and Easter goes up-my mama didn't raise a dummy!

So come through the living room with me and have a look around. You will see I figured out a way to keep the typewriter in the mix just a bit longer. Have a few things I still want to tweak, but this is where it stands for now.

This little lovely found its way home with me just this morning. Seems I was roaming around HL when "what to my wandering eyes should appear"? Not really sure where it will go or how I will use it but, it IS green so I know it will work for a number of seasons and holidays. And, it is old and tattered looking-another favorite of mine that retailers like to call "distressed" and we consumers can't wait to snatch them up. Truthfully, I can already think of half a dozen ways I can use this so I know it will be right at home and much loved.

Actually, as I was looking at these pictures, I saw a few of my Christmas gifts from this year. Seems like I have everyone thinking as I do when they look for things as gifts for me and they have gotten really good at finding things that not only will I love, but that will find its way right into my holiday and seasonal decorating. More to come. Stay tuned.

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  1. Looks good, the only thing green in my house is probably in my fridge, and I'm not talking in the veggie bin!