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Thursday, February 28, 2013

"It's ALL My Fault"!

I know I promised! But, I couldn't help myself! I met my husband for breakfast the other day and, afterwards, as I was driving down the road heading to the grocery store, I spied the big, ole Lowes sign. The weather was breathtakingly gorgeous! I couldn't stop. My car just veered into the turn off lane. I seemed to have no control. And, I did it....

I saw the alstroemerias and put two in my cart. I planted a few last year and they are coming back nicely. And, since they seem to sell out rather quickly, I grabbed them while I could. Then, I had to have that large pot of purple petunias to fill in one of the urns when those "still thriving" poinsettias finally decide to bite the dust. And, two more large pots of phlox just because.

I really could have bought many, many more plants as well, but I think the thought of getting out into the garden to plant them brought back the memories of the weeds that seem to be taking over right now and I cut my losses. I am one of those people who can not do anything small in the garden if the whole yard isn't in control so I know I would have been committing to hours and hours of weeding and somehow I wasn't ready for that committment just yet.

And so, I brought my treasures home and they are still sitting right where I put them that day. And now, today's newspaper warns that we might go down into the low 30s this weekend. I knew it. You can count on it. It will all be my fault!!!!

And, I will feel really super guilty if it gets that cold because this guy, his dad and a number of his best friends and their dads are off on a birthday party camping weekend. I lent them a few sleeping mats that we have and tried hard to get them to take my down comforters to stay cozy-the impending weather conditions being all my fault and all-but just received lots of rolling of the eyes. They are guys after all-but sorry, lows 30s are cold no matter who you are!

While I was out in the garden for those few very short minutes, I did manage to pick up a trowel and dig up some errant shamrock plants. These things pop up all over my garden at this time of year. I usually dig up a few and bring them in in a small, clay pot. They look like they are dying for a few days, but if you keep them wet enough, they start to come back-as this pot is doing- and by March 17, I will have beautiful full pots of the lucky leaves. Now if that luck will just rub off so I am not sending my grandson, son-in-law and their friends out into the "frozen tundra" this week just because I once again jumped the "spring" gun, I will be eternally grateful. If not, I will be thinking of them as they pull the icicles off of their tents as I am wrapped up in my cozy comforter in front of a good movie and blazing fire-remember, I did offer to share. Stay tuned! 

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