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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

"Let's Wrap It Up".... LOTS of green! Just a few things left to show you today and then some random things-come along.

Sorry about all of those RED poinsettias in my "green" post but those things REFUSE to die and since I don't put them in the ground, I can't bear to throw them away just yet. Maybe I should at least move them to a less conspicuous spot but....

Saw this little trick somewhere-can't recall. Just bought an inexpensive, small frame from the dollar bins at Michaels and added the word and a shamrock. Then, I glued a magnet on the back and attched it to the metal bucket. I love it and don't really know why I haven't made one for each holiday that I have this bucket on the front door?!

I just have to show you these crafts from clay pots once again. Since my grand children made them years ago, they remain a favorite. They were so simple yet they are so cute. They are made mostly from painted pots and fun foam embellishments. Have to laugh every time I see that picture of Harrison with his green hair.

The above pot and flower arrangement is one of my biggest pins on Pinterest. It is simply a larger pot and saucer upside down and painted green. I actually painted the black band on these but you could use fun foam or ribbon as well. Since I wanted a true yellow buckle, I cut mine out of foam but you could use a real buckle, scrapbook embellishment or even felt. I then cut a small piece of floral foam and adhered it to the top with floral "tape"-the sticky stuff meant to hold the foam-could probably use any type of silicone glue also-I think hot glue would melt it, but I digress. Then, I simply pulled apart sprigs of small flowers in the appropriate color scheme and stuck them in. I display mine on a tall candle stick to give it a bit more bang for its buck.

That pretty much takes you through the high points of the house this year. I could still tweak a bit, so I will be sure to let you in on any new ideas as I steal see them. Stay tuned.

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