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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tweak, Tweak, Done....

,,,at least I think I am. Unless another new idea shows up in a blog or on Pinterest. Then, we will let "nature take its course"!

I don't really send out many cards any more, but I needed a few, so I made this adaptation of one I saw on Pinterest. I used only things that I already had so this was a free project!

And then, I saw this tag floating around somewhere and knew it was just what I needed to add the balance that was lacking from the vignette on the dining room table. Really a silly little thing, but things like that can bother me-I am a symmetrical kind of gal.

See, doesn't that look better? So much more balanced! I knew you were thinking it too!

And, what Valentine season is complete without the real deal? I love spring flowers and tulips for Valentine's Day are my favorite-no roses for me! The only bad thing is that they only last about a week if you are lucky. These pictures were taken when they were only about 2 days old. They were now bought about a week ago and are probably on their last day or so. Luckily, most markets now carry them so I just grab a bunch or two each time I shop!

O.K. I know you've heard this before, but I really am off to tackle my daughter's pillow covers. With the way I have been putting them off, I guess I have to admit that I am "just not into" sewing any more. I enjoy making the kids' Halloween costumes, but pillow cover making is a bit too precise for me. I need to measure! And, like I've said, I'm a measure once, throw away that fabric and measure again kind of girl. Then, bindings and fringes are involved not to mention that the fabric is pretty expensive to start with. Keeping my fingers crossed at least a few actually turn out square-hopefully the larger ones and we can hide all of the others behind them-ha-ha!

When I have completed that, I am on to the guest bath "fluff up" and plans for some Valentine fun with the 3 youngest grand kids. I will be sure and bring you along for the ride. Stay tuned. 

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